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High Mix Warranty Repair

We will meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Our goal is to exceed industry return to repair rates.

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Production Assembly

Our production team is prepared to run any volume and any mix you may require; our experience makes these transitions seamless.


Factory Refurbishing

We restore the product to original OEM specifications, using the parts and techniques specified by the customer.

Fulfillment Services

Whether you need advanced  return exchange, individual repair and return, or repair and return to stock, we have you covered. Our proximity to UPS allows us to expedite your shipping requirements.

Firmware Deployment

Installation of updated system firmware is sometimes required by an OEM after an ECO / ECN. Whether its from a repair or bug discovery after launch, we offer a high volume top quality solution to solve your problem.

Testing and Calibration

All units upon receipt are tested and calibrated to OEM specifications.

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